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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 16, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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traffic is if thing by this is eastbound schuylkill fatal crash since 5:00 a.m. this morning. it is approaching the the area of girard avenue, so coming from montgomery drive. the delay is, serious. because we now have an investigation that is why it has been out there for so long. as we continue and give you idea of what the delay looks like this is what lies behind it. notice here there you have it, accident after montgomery drive those two lanes are closed with one lane of traffic getting by. in regard to the delay stemming all the way in your western suburbs and only continuing to grow, so if you are looking for an alternate, a few ideas, kelly drive, martin luther king drive but i have been giving that alternate all morning and you'll fine volume there as well just make sure you give yourself enough time and filling up at the the pump before you head to school or work this morning. if you cannot use one of the drives and take 476 or i-95. i know that seems out of the way but that is what we have this morning. few september bus routes are being affected and if you are traveling on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike you are jam bucks
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county to mid county, traveling on 476 delays around 95, a lot of those commuters are taking 476. you'll fine major delays there. on i-95 itself southbound i-95 we have a pothole situation at cottman avenue and what that is doggies leaving disabled vehicles all along the shoulder your whole ride down to the vine which is taking you close to an hour just to make. expect ease wound delays on 422 between oaks and 202 and really just being delayed all over the place. can you give south good news weather-wise, katie. >> i can at least, but problem is, you cannot just flip a switch dealing with these kinds of systems because damage has been done in the way of heavy rain left behind so we are still trying to not only dry out but allow the drainage to take place. look at these areas totals here, at glenn, berne, blakeslee, hamburg all of these spots pick up 3 inches of rain. much have of what we expect
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this system rolling through, with widespread rain but pockets embedded therein with these heavier round of rain. this is where these totals are coming from. you can see that on storm scan three we are looking at a three hour loop. things have gotten better here in terms of the is what left at this point. we are now going to essentially become a new england concern as the day goes on, with the moisture still being funneled in from the south. since it is cleared out for our area we can expect that we will gradual liz clear out overhead and see some sunshine. we have thursday night football though playing up at the patriots. there will be likely still some showers around for that game but there will likely not be any thunderstorms. they will play that game but it will be damp out this in foxboro. you can expect to see partial clearing taking place. that is basically what will happen. i could still see a lingering shower throughout the afternoon here around mainly western suburbs outside of philadelphia, just, a little lingering moisture to work w don't be surprised if you see
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that but general thing is that we are clearing out and we will even up with nicer weather with time, guys, back over to you. in the news second dallas nurse infect withe bowl ace receiving treatment in atlanta this morning. >> amber vinson arrived at emery hospital last night, we have video here of the medics escorting her in the hospital last night. she's the one in the yellow hazmat suit. cdc is under more scrutiny for allowing vinson to take a commercial flight from cleveland to dallas one day before she was hospitalized for ebola symptoms. agenciescy says they granted permanent in mission because they did in the meet criteria. meantime president obama remains in washington to monitor the out break. >> i am confident that we can prevent a serious out break of the disease here in the united states but it becomes more difficult to do so if this epidemic of ebola rages out of
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control in western africa. >> this afternoon the director of the cdc will answer questions from congress in hearings on the u.s. response. nurses all across the the the nation and even right here in our area demanding answers of their own. >> they are saying more precautions are needed to protect those on the front line of the fight. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao picks up that story. >> reporter: scenes like this health care workers fighting ebola in africa and here at home are enough to frighten anyone. now imagine what it is like to be a nurse on the front line especially at the second health care provide inner dallas, texas has tested positive for the virus. >> in liberia ebola is now called the nurse killer disease. so that gives me great cause for concern. >> reporter: kathy toomey is a nurse at crozer-chester medical center and she is just one of more than 11,000 health care workers now demanding higher standards from hospitals. the nation's largest nurses union says that when it comes toe bowl, protocol at most
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hospitals, it is sub par, or non-existent. >> we're the front line. we're the people that will be going in. if you don't have have the proper protocols in space, one mistake is all it takes. >> what i am afraid office people trying to short cut their protection and short cut this and ending. >> nurse's alleged, no specific protocol in place. thomas duncan they say was left in the public area with other patients for several hours. nurses didn't have proper protective gear. duncan's lab sample were unsealed and transported through the the general distribution system and nurse hose treated duncan were allowed to interact with other patients, toomey wants standards followed by some universities, where health care providers have successfully treated patients without further infection. >> if they are not highest standards like emery or university of nebraska then would i not feel the confidentable taking care of a patient. >> reporter: and also here in the delaware valley, communities continue to prepare for a possibly bowl a
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out break here. happening today, philadelphia city council is holding a hearing where they will discuss city praiseness. several reporting from the sat center aim jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. stay with "eyewitness news" for latest on the east bowl a out break. we have assembled a resource guide to keep informed. look for it on cbs >> anger, sadness and disbelief when parents find out their children could be forced from their schools after a long legal battle with the school district. eye witt the necessary news reporter nicole brewer is in northern liberties with the very latest on that, nicole. >> reporter: ukee, you can certainly understand a parent's frustration considering it is nearly two months into the school year, bad timing or in the though today is the day that 250 people will be cut from enrollment at palmer charter. inside walter d palmer charter
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school education comes down to the luck of the draw, thursday's lottery determines who can stay and who will go. >> i just don't know what to do. all i can do is pray. >> reporter: by 5:00 o'clock 250 prayers will go unanswered as those students are forced to find alternative education several weeks into the the school year. >> i feel very blind sided because like i said we have been supportive, supportive, supportive the whole time and then all of a sudden we have an emergency meeting and you tell us it is a lottery pick and it is objecting. that is so unfair. >> reporter: the announcement follows a court battle with the philadelphia school district which says the the 1200 students in kindergarten through 12th grade exceed the charter school cap of 675. the district successfully argued that it does not have to have reimburse palmer charter for the extra 525 students. a decision walter d palmer claims has cost his and, $325,000 a month we have exhausted all of our legal
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options to try to, revitalize this i will continue to fight because it is for the right reasons. >> reporter: if the school does not obtain immediate additional funding it could mean 300 more empty seats. >> that lottery is being held today at 52:50 students will be taken. of course philadelphia school advertise trick has stepped up to get in contact with the parents to help them with that transition and try to get them in the public school system, some way. we do feel for kids in this sit. 250 students at. that live from northern liberties, nicole brewer, "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> nicole, thank you. philadelphia federation of teachers hold a rally just before today's school reform commission meeting. it is at 4:30 in front of the pun schools office on north broad street. earlier this month the src canceled its contract with the teachers union.
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another group commonwealth foundation will distribute flyers on how it claims leadership is failing teachers and students. happening today vice-president joe widen is in philadelphia pushing for increased funding on public works projects. the vice-president will be joined by pennsylvania senator bob casey and other officials. they will tour a barge used for dredging the dell war river and offer brief remarks at penns landing. later the vice-president will head to maple shade new jersey for a fundraiser. >> preliminary hearing is scheduled for philadelphia fire lieutenant charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. police arrested jamal johnson on allegations he lured a woman walking in olney into his car that attack her. he faces charges of posing as a police officer after threatening the woman with an arrest if she did not perform a sex act on him. oscar pistorius is back in south africa courtroom as a judge here is more testimony in the penalty phase face of the trial. he was convicted of culpable homicide in the fatal shooting of his girl friend reeva
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steenkamp. her cousin took the stand and said family does not want revenge but that pistorius must pay for what he has done. pistorius defense team has argued for house arrest and or community service. >> timely offer classless, the controversy costume. a violent confrontation prison security guard caught punching a man again and again. find out what the officers says you don't see in this video. and a safer credit card? new technology designed to protect you from thieves and why it could still leave you vulnerable to hackers. >> ♪ definitely not a classic tri-state area day but we will tell you about a classic car that was destroyed in an instant, you have to see the
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very moment a rolls royce, is blown up, and why the owner, wanted to do it. we will be right back.
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breaking news right now just into the news room chrysler just announced it is recalling more than nine hup thousand cars and suv's for two separate problems, first one, affects jeep grand cherokee chrysler 300 dodge charger, challengers and durangos made between 2011 and this year. they can stall unexpectly. chrysler is also recalling jeep wranglers made between 2011 and 2013 to face a power mirror problems. claims of excessive force inside philadelphia's curan
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fromhold prison lead to a federal lawsuit. altercation was caught on camera september 20th. video shows inn made james akubu handcuffed and escorted for medical attention after a pep per spray incident in his cell. then, seconds later you can see a correctional officer we are told that is james wiseback he starts to punch him. he puts akubu in a choke hold before other officers break it up. the corrections department, disciplined wise back and he is now back on the job. >> this brazen violent behavior took place in front of ten other co's, in a common area of the prison where there is five other video camera. the concern is what does this officer do in the dark corners of the the prison when no one is looking. >> wiseback clams kkubu spat at him. he said quote once i felt spit, i reacted with hard and empty handed use of force. the corrections department has had in comment on the lawsuit. right now just about eight
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credit 13. lets check with katie, good morning. we will focus on the tropics. we are taking you out to southampton par niche bermuda all looks relatively calm for the moment but, this is the location where we are just waiting for things to take place here. that will be a hurricane making a very close path to the island of bermuda in the days ahead. we are looking to friday, into friday night or over weekend we will be dealing with the worst of what is coming here, in the way of hurricane gonzalo and i mean your eyes immediately drawn to this huge storm for one thing, major hurricane and category four status right now v quick check of the front, it is new clearing out, you will be lift with clouds and sunshine. we will get tour forecast in a second. what i want to point out is you have to look closely, bermuda, this black speckle, the eye of gone solo is about the the size of bermuda. that is how large this storm
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is. you can only imagine wind issues and heavy rain, flooding issues that island will be facing in the next few days. our thoughts and prayers certainly with the folks there. 61 degrees stateside. low 60's, upper 50's in a couple spot but we are expect to go still rebound to a pretty mild level here. 27 degrees is a handful of degrees above average for this particular day and as skies start to clear out. we have a little sun and could see a spotty shower, and west of philadelphia afternoon progresses, wrap around instability from the retreat of the storm, otherwise friday and saturday we are looking nice overall, vittoria. thanks very much. >> good morning everyone. we have an update for schuylkill expressway that eastbound 76 overturn fatal accident approaching girard have avenue has now been moved more so often to your right-hand shoulder and another lane of traffic is getting by. two lanes of traffic are getting by eastbound on the 76 making your commute into center city a little bit
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easier but another lane is open. traveling westbound the gaper delay and lets talk about the traffic you have in that area and alternate, kelly drive, martin luther king drive, if you are a truck driver, 476 and i-95 is a good idea. let take you in a red for a second, red on the southbound boulevard, schuylkill and westbound schuylkill, red on the vine around broad street and 76, i-95 is awful and traveling on 476 between i-95 and media in the northbound direction is awful as well, traveling north and southbound i-95, in center city you are basically traveling 4 miles april hour so give yourself more time, erika. a new tool to fight credit card fraud. stores are starting to september new credit cards that come with the more secure computer chip, they explain the card don't completely protect you though from hackers. >> reporter: from target to home depot and credit card breaches in between there has
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been talk about chip card and a lot of unanswered questions. >> most people have seen these cards they don't necessarily know how they work. >> reporter: as eric blue demonstrate it is simple instead of the swipe, you dip. >> you might say i need to you dip your card. >> absolutely. >> reporter: in addition to crossing the ship in the lingo global provider of credit card terminals say ship card will make it more secure as they have done in europe for years. >> stripe on the back of the credit and debit cards is easy to duplicate where chip is virtually impossible. >> reporter: counterfeit card account for a third of all credit cared fraud with you with the chip card if a crook stole your credit card information they need your chip to make a purchase in store. >> that doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to use it on line as lopping as retailers continue to store your date, it remains sus september able to crooks. crooks won't be able to duplicate your card and your information in store, it is still not full proof. >> that is correct, and if a
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system were to get hacked that card number could get stolen. >> reporter: many retailer already have the a new card terminal and they can respond activate by october 20 15a deadline set by card companies. after that retailers will be held responsible for any resulting fraud. for cbs news, julie watts, san francisco. your time 8:19. still to come talk about one of the most bizarre political debates you will ever see we will tell but at fan fiasco that could generate conversation today. >> have you seen this dog? he is missing after his owner's car was stoler. hear a philadelphia woman's december spray plea to find her missing pet. >> but first here's a look at is what coming up tonight on the cw philly. we will be right back.
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looking live at center city philadelphia at the spring garden area, wake up, family, if you had to be there by eight, hey, you are late. we have got your traffic and weather coming up in a bit. a political debate to tell but in florida instead of the talking about the big issues candidates for governor, for the last night over a fan. >> are we really going to debate about a fan or are we go to go talk bed case, environment, future of our state, i mean really. >> republican governor rick scott refused to walk on the stage after his challenger charlie christ put a small fan
8:23 am
under his podium. debate rules ruled that the candidates could not use any electronic devices leaving everyone what would happen next. governor scott came out to participate in the debate and in case you are wondering the fan did stay on the stage. owner of the health food store in indiana isn't just pushing vitamins to keep his customers healthy, dan morris of health kick nutrition center is selling suit toss ward off ebola. the suits are made of tight fitting plastic material and comes with glove, goggles and a mask. well, if you wear this costume for halloween well, stores all around the country are stocking up on ebola related costumes. the most popular items flying off the shelves including hazmat suit, respirators and gas masks. critics called the costumes no laughing matter considering the out break is not under control yet. that will be out there. once again in laughing matter at all. >> no kidding. >> those are popular a little
8:24 am
while ago with breaking bad the television showy heard that. >> for different reason but just in bad taste. >> i agree. >> 8:24. we will take a short break and we are watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we will be right back. decay. it's the opposite of evolution. the absence of improvement. and the enemy of perfection. which is why you can never stop moving forward. never stop inventing. introducing the mercedes-benz gla. a breakthrough in design, aerodynamics and engineering. because the only way to triumph over decay... is to leave it in its own dust. ♪
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good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. a deadly accident is impacting the morning commute on the schuylkill expressway. roll over accident just took place after 5:00 this morning. traffic is getting by better then it was, now crash was eastbound at montgomery avenue. in word what cause that had accident but there has been weather activity overnight, torey has latest on this backup, torey. thanks, ukee. i think with the sprinkling we have had overnight a lot of people underestimate how dangerous that can be, inn how slick it can make roads. lets update you on the eastbound accident. majority of it has been moved to the shoulder and blocking right-hand lane, two lanes of traffic are getting by more so toward the left but the the the delay as a result of this
8:26 am
accident is still huge from your western suburbs back to 476 and continuing to grow, so your best alternates are kelly drive and martin luther king drive. truck driver and cannot use the driver, 476 to i-95 is your best bet and affecting a few september buses. it is causing heavier delays for southbound roosevelt boulevard and even vine street expressway. katie has a check of the weather now. >> thankfully frontal bun cry that brought in the soaking rain of the course of the last couple hours. when we go out to storm scan three there is a distinct back edge. clouds are still out there but there are peaks of blue sun or skies and some sun starting to peak through and we are actually going to start clearing out. i could still see a very isolated shower around this morning west of the city but otherwise this looks like a decent day as worse of the wind is tapering off, clouds dropping down to 56 and tomorrow looks nice, lower 07's, similar scenario saturday but cool air set to move in for the weekend, ukee.
8:27 am
>> kate, thank you. next update 8:55. up next he help apple turn a cell phone in the smart phone an now he is turning your home in a smart
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we are following breaking news schuylkill is still a mess after a deadly crash earlier this morning. >> vittoria has told you to steer clear of this mess in that area. she has been doing it all morning long. we will continue it now with more details, torey. >> good morning to you both. good morning to everyone hoist watching right now. lets give you an update.
8:30 am
the update is, good news, they are finally getting two lanes have have of traffic beyond this fatal crash accident that occurred around 5:00 a.m. this morning. it was an overturn vehicle crash, emergency personnel investigators on the scene and this delay is continuing to stem back in the western suburbs. all and all not a great commute in center city. good idea to take kelly drive or martin luther king drive as alternate. if you are a truck driver and cannot use drives, 476 to 95 will be a good idea. you will have volume, no doubt bit. it is affecting a few septa bus routes, nine, 27, 124, 125, it ace affecting southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard. that delay squeezing us back beyond ninth street. if you are traveling on the vine street expressway getting to the schuylkill will be a problem but in addition to all of this, we have a new accident. this accident is on i-95 northbound right as awe approach allegheny out of girard avenue. thinks your southbound delay into center city. this here is your northbound
8:31 am
delay or before that incident scene. now here's the thing because that north bound i-95 accident occurred here this will backup vine street expressway eastbound which whiz in turn backs up eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. anyone commuting around center city right now definitely consider mass transit. that is your best bet. katie, how are we doing weather-wise. >> things have only gotten better with time here so hopefully that will be the same story with the traffic pattern. but we are starting to see some sunshine. lets start off by taking you outside, there is mainly clouds out here but this blue sky is starting to move in, as well, trying to peak through the clouds and the sun will do the same, lets take you next to an area of live neighborhood network shot at lower merion school inard more. that stripe of yellow is your little beam of sunlight on the camera. so we are starting to see things clear out and it is damp outside time.
8:32 am
new that this heavy mess have rain is removed from our area beal put things in motion, here and you can see retreat of the clouds. if you haven't seen sunlight just yet it is on the way as clouds start to thin and that also means temperatures have had i chance drop here in the wake have the cold front. we are seeing basically, a 10-degree difference from one day to the next at this particular time yesterday, we were still into the lower 70's and 60's in many spots. we are right around 60 just shy or higher then that in many locations, but with the clouds, thinning we will end up with that sunlight helping to heat things backup. seventy-two is our expect high and that is still a pass aim above the normal, guys, back to you. breaking right now a home invasion in the olney section of philadelphia ends with one man shot. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us on the 200 block of widener where the investigation is underway this morning, jan, what have you learned. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning in.
8:33 am
thin investigation is just about to get underway philadelphia police are holding the scene here waiting for northwest detectives to arrive. we are told this is a home invasion and shooting and as you mentioned one man is in the hospital shot in the stomach. details are limited but here's what we know so far, this unfolded around 8:00 this morning on the 200 block of widener street here. police tell us two men made their way inside of this home when a 46 year-old man was shot in the stomach and taken to einstein where he is knew in stable condition. a lot is unclear we still don't know if the man who was the shot was one of the home intruders or if he was already inside, we don't know why this shooting happened and we don't know who did the shooting, so still a lot is unclear here. we do know that northwest detectives are coming to the scene and starting this investigation. we will bring you the latest, we're live, jane carabao for cws3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile a second nurse that tested positive for ebola after caring for thomaser inning duncan
8:34 am
undergoes treatment in at lath a hospital. >> she remains in their infectious disease unit. meanwhile concerns over more possibly bowl a exposure intensifies after the cdc granted vinson permission to fly on a commercial airline despite having a low grade fever. agency has since acknowledged its mistakes. >> president obama has canceled several campaign trips to concentrate on the ebola crisis. >> congress is getting in on that action too. an oversight committee will hold hearings on u.s. response. congress will have have tough questions for nation's top public health officials and a executive from the dallas hospital where two american medical workers contracted ebola. doctor daniel vargas from texas health presbyterian is expected to being acknowledge mistakes were made in diagnosing thomas eric duncan who died last week from the disease. he will address concerns over protocols, medical workers used while treating him. today the president canceled a
8:35 am
second day of campaigning to focus on ebola containment efforts. >> i want people to understand that the dangers of you contractinge bowl, dangers of a serious out break, are extraordinarily low. >> reporter: growing number of republicans, including house speaker john boehner are calling for the president to consider a temporary travel ban or visa restrictions for countries hardest hit for the the out break. >> if you are in western africa what is first thing you will do, you will try to get to american hospitals where you are life might be safe. >> reporter: white house says a travel plan is currently off the table. shutting down travel to that area of the world, would prevent flow of the personnel and equipment in the region. four more majors u.s. airports will screen passengers arriving from west africa for ebola as president's bam a promises and more aggressive response here at home. in washington i'm chris van cleve for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage
8:36 am
of the ebola virus at home and abroad. remember when you are not near a tv you can always get updates on cbs today is the day hundreds of students will find out if they will have have to transfer schools, just weeks into the school year, "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from northern liberties and nicole, today's lottery could be a start of more cuts to the schools enrollment, tell us more, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, ukee. unfortunately that is exactly the case. today's lottery has in winners because 250 student will have to learn that they will have to go somewhere else. basically, 250 students will be forced out again at 5:00 after the school lost a court battle with the philadelphia school district which says that the cap for city charter schools is 675 students. so again much lower than the the 1200. so in the battle that has been brewing for years district successfully argument it does in the have have to reimburse
8:37 am
palmer charter for those 2525 students over threshold. so parents frustrated by the timing of the announcement but also hopeful that their child will win a seat. >> i feel very blind sided because like i said we have been supportive, supportive, supportive the whole time and then all of a sudden we have an emergency meeting and you tell us it is a lottery pick and october, it the is so unfair. >> i don't know what to do. all i can do is pray. >> reporter: to make matters worse a gamble may not even there unless a school conn obtain immediate funding and additional 300 seats, may go empty so 300 more students affected in this. philadelphia school district says it is working with parents to assist them throughout this transition and get them enrolled in the philadelphia public school system, definitely a sad day for parents and feeling for those students this morning. live, i'm nicole brewer "eyewitness news" on the cw
8:38 am
philly. they lost more than just a car when it was stole men south philadelphia, her dog louie was inside of the time. now jj pierce and her friend are getting his picture in as many hand as possible. the pierce says he made a quick stop at home depot and left her labrador in the car. when she came out, the car, and louie, were both gone. >> i'm heart broken. after the the first day he was taken i thought i will bring him back tomorrow. i keep telling myself that and time keeps passing and he is not back. >> police recovered her car but unfortunately louie was not inside, pierce is offering a reward for information that leads to louie's return. >> heart broken, i can understand it, yes. >> when you think of fine art you don't think of the philadelphia eagles until now. >> find out that the football team is considered a work of art. >> fining god without leaving your car, we will take to you
8:39 am
a local church that offers up a different kind of drive you this services. that is a rolls royce erupting in the ball of fame, and get this the owner wanted to do it >> ♪ >> fireball, yeah. hear why that owner is okay with his car going up in a fireball when we come back.
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8:42 am
brief them on the u.s. response to the ebola out break. cdc is under fire for allowing second nurse diagnosed with ebola to travel on a commercial airplane. vice-president joe biden is in philadelphia talking about public works funding at penns landing. following that the vice-president will make a campaign stop in new jersey. before winter arrives but ice skating is coming a lot sooner. right now philadelphia's new dilworth park features a fountain, near city hall, however, on november 14th, lays them up, it will be a ice skating rink the size of the one at rocker feller center in new york city. several hundred skaters will be allowed on the ice, at the the same time, a good time, if everybody is going the same direction. in breaking rules there or else it the gets to be a mess. bucks county church is beginning congregation a new opportunity for worship namely, a drive through. saint john's methodist church in ivy land offers drive through prayer every wednesday afternoon. some stopped by yesterday
8:43 am
along almshouse road, church leaders say drive through is opened to everyone. >> they come over, they say hello, they ask you what is going on. i stopped a few weeks ago when i was having some troubles and prayer really works. >> saint john's church is one but there are several churches in our area offering drive through prayer. lets get traffic and weather together with katie. >> we are thankfully now basically done with our frontal boundary the one that brought in the heavy rain of course we know it well, talk about it all week but it is out of the woods at this point for our area with the least treat of the heavy rain, only thing i can still see a residual shower firing up mainly west of philadelphia later today but we are in the clear for now as this whole system starts to retreat off to the north. so what we're left with here is a clearing sky generally temperatures in the 70's both today and tomorrow this front wasn't super potent with cool
8:44 am
air. generally our flow will continue to come from the west and south. because of the wind flow our temperatures more than anything are not dropping off that much but that is about to change. the saturday still 07's but then here comes the next cold front a weak front come with moisture source but it will knock our temperatures back and we will go from the 07's, straight down in the 50's in one fail swoop. so that will be a noticeable change but we have nice weather coming up here. 61 degrees current temperature at the airport, shooting for ten or 11 degrees before it is all said and done. right before your very eyes those temperatures change. we are looking at live observations here, 07 degrees inial want i, very warm, albany warmer then it is in richmond by a stretch too. so that gives you a sense of the fact this has been completely cleared in new england yet. it is their problem. they will start to see skies clearing with time. lower 07's expect over next three days here at home as skies clear for some sun overall, pretty okay day for us here but like i said spotty left over shower chance this
8:45 am
afternoon. friday and saturday look like nice day. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie n regards to the accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching girard avenue, it is still there, this is definitely out there for longer because we do have have an investigation that was a fatal overturn vehicle accident and delay is still continuing to haunt your commute all the way back toward your western suburbs and 476 and 202, westbound schuylkill expressway gaper delay to go witt. before i talk about the alternate, i-95, southbound, out of the area of bucks county down through vine street expressway you are jam trying to get to the schuylkill southbound delayed all the way beyond ninth street and traveling on 76 in the western suburbs you're delayed back toward 476 and 202 and that blue route volume or 76, which is affecting the
8:46 am
turnpike. lots going on. fill up at the pump before you leave. here are alternate you can take if you are a truck driver and can't use the drives. 476 and 95 ace i good idea. watch out for septa bus routes, being affect by eastbound schuylkill accident. generally speaking we have delays all over the place w that said you can always get updated traffic and information about delays in your area and anywhere with you your drive april a. down load that to the iphone and android by going to cbs drive. >> a classic car destroyed in the the fiery explosion and get this the owner blew it up on purpose. >> jeanie moos shows you the big blast and explains there is a message behind the madness. >> reporter: rolls royce upper class car for those with upper class taste. >> would you have have any gray puop theon. >> why would somebody turn tonight toy crisp. 1969, silver shadow rolls royce with red letter interior. dit run well. >> amazing. it drove absolutely amazing.
8:47 am
>> reporter: l.a. photographer tyler shields bought it for a near $50,000, took it out in the mohave desert and had same guys who did the explosionness pearl harbor, blow up the rolls royce. >> three, two, one. >> police and water truck stood bias the explosion was set to a waltz. it turns out tyler noise strange tore destroying luxury items. back in 2012 he took a saw to the $2,000 pair of christian lubu ton shoes. he had his now ex-girlfriend saw apart what he says was a hundred thousand dollars handbag. then they lit it, his point. >> the things you own, end up owning you. >> reporter: but tyler ends up owning up to sometimes harsh criticism have after he blew up the rolls. >> was there any purpose
8:48 am
beyond look at me i'm an attention whore. >> purpose is this is what i do i make art. >> reporter: point less, pretentious. >> those people sitting there and they are writing about bleep about nothing, thinks just fun. i do this for fun. that is awesome. >> reporter: he is not really burning monday because his photographs are shown in galleries and sometime sell for thousands. >> they feel that this is some kind of statement on materialism, which it is, but thaw will gain materially from it. >> good for me. >> reporter: demise of the silver ghost elevated level of art criticism. >> holy bleep. >> reporter: enough to make a rolls royce lover, gray in his pants. jeanie moos, new york. >> jeanie moos. >> all right. the the picasso, van go and philadelphia eagles? yeah, they are all on display at the philadelphia art
8:49 am
museum. >> it started with eagles coach chip kelly joking about quickly taking team pictures this week. >> we had a coach the photographer a little bit because they wanted to get, one of the guy thought he was ansell adams and said let's get this taken and let's go. it is in the like it will be hanging in the philadelphia museum of arthur anything. it will be in someone's office somewhere. let's just get it done. >> someone at art museum heard that comment and joke is on kelly because check it out team picture is on display there. museum tweeted eagles head coach chip kelly didn't think team pick with hang at the philadelphia art museum but we are number one fans hash tag fly eagles fly. >> that is great. >> that is too much. >> it is great. >> quite cheeky of the philadelphia. >> my man. we will take a short brreak. we will take a short brreak. see you in a as a small business owner, you don't deliver anything less than 100% to your customers and at verizon we believe you shouldn't settle for less than 100% of the internet. that's why only fios comes with speedmatch.
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140 million-dollar in the last 12 months. another king comes in second place we're talking about elvis with around $55 million. cartoon is charles schultz 40 million elizabeth taylor is fourth on the list, earning some 25 million-dollar. >> still very popular, gone but definitely not forgotten for sure. >> coming up at 8:53, traffic and weather before we go. >> one last check on the area temperatures. we're right now into mild territory even despite the fact that it is cooler then yesterday morning. yesterday was just so mild. sixty-two at the airport at this hour. depending where you go basically flirting with 60 in most spots give or take a degree or two or three but with that said we are watching the retreat of that same frontal boundary that messed with our entire morning drive here, the rain is new basically over, maybe just a spotty residual a afternoon shower for some of you. torey. >> thanks, so much katie.
8:53 am
we have had a very busy day all because of this fatal crash on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. as you make your way approaching area have of girard avenue from montgomery drive, notice majority of it has been moved to the shoulder and right-hand side you have to use the left-hand side, two lanes to get by. we have a few alternate, kelly drive, martin luther king drive but because of that those drives are packed. manayunk areas pack. city avenue is pack. you will want to give yourself more time. a i few septa bus routes have been affected by that so nine, 27, 124, 125, and also this just into the traffic center, admiral wilson boulevard is now closed as a result of an accident as you move your way in to new jersey. so we have got some major things this morning. it is a good thing folks stayed with us all morning long. >> that is going to back autopsy lot. >> my goodness. >> thanks so much. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are always on at cbs >> check out talk philly at noon on cbs-3.
8:54 am
we will be right back with one more check of traffic and weather together.
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we have a live picture for you right new of some breaking news in olney, here it is, this is where a man was shot in the stomach during a home upvation this morning. we're told two men broke into this home on widener street and that is when the the shooting happened. right now we are working to find out if it was the home owner or a suspect was shot. we have a crew on the scene though and we will update you on talk philly at noon. right now lets update our forecast with katie, is that rain out of here. >> basically done at this point thankfully. i cannot say necessarily that the issues that came in the aftermath from it are all over but we will get gradually better with time in terms of our forecast, storm scan three is emptying out as i like to say, there is still some very heavy rain being funneled in towards say long island, southeastern new england but we are basically in the clear. now i say basically because we
8:56 am
could still see a residual spotty showers as probably west of philadelphia, if it happens at all. it is worth a mention but you don't need an umbrella today. fifty-six is our expect low, under the clouds but drying out, and generally it looks like a nice dry pattern right through weekend and beyond but there is something obvious that takes place here a big cool down through the course of the weekend from another week frontal boundary but it hads cool era cog it, vittoria. lets give you an update on the eastbound schuylkill expressway fatal crash that occurred 5:00 a.m. this morning two. lanes are moving beyond the incident scene. we have an investigation i going on. this delay back to the western suburbs and making your rush hour commute this morning, nothing to be taken lightly. you will need to fill up at the pump and use extra caution. you have a westbound gaper delay in that same area. with that said we have alternates, kelly drive, king drive but these alternates are stacking up as well as city avenue, manning i young area,
8:57 am
few septa routes have been affect. give yourself more time and watch out for closure of the admiral wilson boulevard due to the accident heading in to new jersey, we will keep you updated, erika. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly at noon on cbs f i'm erika von t
8:58 am
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>> this got you down? family giving you trouble? get a new one. kevin leman is back, and he'll tell you how to have a happy family by friday. and then, bluegrass legend ricky skaggs, with an album nearly 30 years in the making. he and his wife perform live on today's "700 club." ♪ >> pat: well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of "the 700 club." the democrats prospects are crashing because of ebola, because of obamacare, because of isis, because of a lot of things. the ratings for the democratic party, the ratings for the president, are hitting lows that they haven't seen in a long time. and it just seems like there may be a political lasl


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